In March, we had the pleasure of hosting an exhibition for First Friday’s including Joshua Solas, Rachelle Wunderink, and Cindi Ford. We have a hard time letting go of beautiful work, so when the month was over, we asked Joshua if it was okay to keep some of his paintings. Since then, his work has been a part of our local artisan’s shop, along with over 40 other talented artists and makers.

We decided that it would be an awesome opportunity to check out the spaces our artists work in since we have a large variety of makers. Joshua was kind enough to let us come by to his apartment, where he lives and works. Though he’s still a student at Kendall College of Art and Design, he is killing the game by being an active artist outside of the classroom, as well as in it. We walked in and found multiple projects he was working on throughout his space.

Joshua is currently an Illustration major, working primarily in Adobe Illustrator, and oil/acrylic painting. He also dabbles in photography, sculpture, drawing, and stop-motion animation. Hailing from Jamaica, his work stands out with its beautiful colors, his love of story telling, and imaginative themes. His work primarily deals with social issues, as well as personal struggles and exploration.

Joshua’s one of a kind work is one of the many reasons The Light Gallery + Studio is able to stand out. We’re so thankful to have him as a part of our family here!

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